Meal and Snack Ideas

It has been South Meck Baseball tradition that the parents provide meals (for Varsity) and snacks (for JV) before all week-day games. Sometimes it's hard to know what to bring, so we've compiled of list of some ideas. Well into the season, your player will probably be able to share some ideas of what has been popular, what they seemed to be tired of, but if you get the typical "I don't know" answer, or it's too early in the season, hopefully these ideas will help!

Every family is expected to participate/contribute. Feel free to work with other families which might be easier on the budget and schedule. 

Please share any ideas you've had/found successful!! 


  • Chick-fil-a sandwich, chips, fruit and water
  • Pasta (from Costco or Olive Garden), salad and breadsticks
  • Bojangles chicken strips, mac and cheese, small fruit, and water
  • Showmars grilled chicken pita, chips, fruit, and water/gatorade
  • Catered boxed meals with water
  • Probably avoid turkey sub sandwiches as Jersey Mikes provides this for all of our away games



  • Protein bars (like Cliff), nuts or trail mix, small fruit, water
  • Small sub sandwich (quarter size), fruit, water
  • Hawaiian roll with meat and cheese, tangelo, small Powerade/Gatorade
  • Hormel Sandwich wrap, chips, small fruit, Gatorade